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Jermaine Fagan

Jermaine Fagan

Recording artist Jermaine Fagan releases his new album titled Cool Prince.

The artist Jermaine Fagan currently has two songs rotating on the radio "30k Down" and "Blessed". Both songs are featured on the album Cool Prince and available for download on all major digital platforms.

Jermaine Fagan has a large fan base around the world despite not having a well known presence in his homeland Jamaica. His fans are mainly from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The song Blessed which is also on the album has been getting heavy rotation on numerous radio stations including Suncity, Zip 103, 99 Jams and Linkage radio.

From his native community of Portmore, Jamaica to the streets of the United States, the voice of Reggae artist Jermaine Fagan echoes over the internet, traditional radio and in the clubs. With 3 albums and a line of performances, he has been singing and performing professionally since 1994. His influence to pursue a career in music comes from his consciousness of the World seeking solutions to problems such as poverty, inequality and injustice.

His first self produced album More 2 Life was released in 2005, producing hits like Bring It On and the title track More 2 Life. In 2007 he released the second album Just A Simple Man, opening his audience to a more mature and revolutionized sound. With tracks like East Shore and African Woman, he attracted millions more to his unique sound and style of music. With messages of peace, love and unity through education and understanding of one's past, his songs are profoundly uplifting and inspiring. If you listen to his songs and you are not impressed with his delivery, you are guaranteed to be blown away by the lyrical contents.


Jermaine Fagan - Adventure
Cool Prince
Jermaine Fagan - Cool Prince
Jermaine Fagan - Blessed
Cold Hearted
Jermaine Fagan - Cold Hearted
Baby I Love You
Jermaine Fagan - Baby I Love You
One God
Jermaine Fagan - One God
Mama Say
Jermaine Fagan - Mama Say
Just a Simple Man
Jermaine Fagan - Just a Simple Man
More 2 Life
Jermaine Fagan - More 2 Life



Jermaine Fagan - East Shore


Jermaine Fagan - Everyman Need A Woman


Jermaine Fagan - Philly Show


Jermaine Fagan - Mama Africa

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