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Ever since Platinum Prince entered into the dancehall scene we knew the boy as sarcastic  and was always singing and making fun of any artist. He made his name that way, almost all popular Zimdancehall artists have been a victim of his merciless sarcastic chants. That’s why we loved him, his sense of humor was beyond our imagination.

But now the dancehall chanter seems to have turned political on it. In his new track on Zimdancehall definition Platinum Prince appears to mock the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.
The way the lyrics are mixed leaves you wondering the intention of the artist. One of the line goes, “ndeipi yenyu baba Bona ndanzwa vanhu vachiseka kuti makadonha,” (hello Bona’s father, I heard people laughing that you fall) this line here is directly referring to the tripping incident that happened at the airport, we all know it right. However the deejay managed to skip out of this one by criticizing the those people saying havana kukwana, they are insane. Wait, its just the intro there.
Second verse, ‘Makatibata bhoo kubva 1980, izvezvi ndakura ndave kumatwenty, asi honai economy President, mabasa hakuna handina kana cent,’ (you kept us well since 1980, now I am grown and in my twenties, look at the economy there are no jobs, I have no money.) Uuuh, you dont say I have but I don’t have, this is what the lyrics are saying, you kept us well but look at the economy. On this line Platinum also takes on the president’s ruling the country from 1980. You kept us well since 1980, now I am grown and in my 20s, could just be a kind way of saying what you are thinking!
He also went on to joke about having a beer with the President and chips in the Chitungwiza situation, ‘Kanzuru haisi kushanda yakaiza, makamboenda here kuChitungwiza masuweji akazara kwese….’ on this line he is just highlighting the situation in Chitungwiza where  the town council neglect fixing sewage flowing on the open, fair enough, this should be fixed!
In some verses however he seem to be really praising the President, in one verse he sings, ‘munoraira mune mashoko, vanokuvengai imb*k*You teach you have wise words, those who hate you are…(you can guess your own translation)
Efforts to reach the artist were not yielding, his phone went unanswered the whole day, I will update once I have his side, but from this you could definitely make a judgement, right? Do you think Platinum Prince mocked the President?

Download and listen to the song HERE


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