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WE are only in March of 2017 and Killer T is already breaking the Internet.

Social media has gone into a frenzy for the past few weeks after a picture of Killer T with a new look or as the ladies would put it “looking fine!”, made its way into our phones, laptops and literally everywhere.

So whats the fuss about a picture, you ask? Well if you knew the Mbare-bred chanter, who rose to fame after dropping ‘Makarova Gunners‘ a few years ago, before the endless tours to the UK, before he could afford to own a ride, before he had nice clothes, well you would understand what the fuss is about.

Killer T was once a Mbare hustler, just trying to find a living. The picture has been hailed by many as a symbol of rugs to riches. It has also sparked a trend on social media, with a before and after picture (below) titled ‘you [are] not ugly, you [are] just broke’ implying the transformation of the singer is a result of his success that has bagged him a few thousands.

Although some have went on to call out the artist for allegedly bleaching to look like American celebrities and not being proud of his roots, many have applauded the transformation.

Killer T before and after pic!

As much as Zimdancehall has been seen as a  Ghetto culture, a hobby for the jobless Ghetto-yuts, it has proved to be a viable and well paying employer for those who do well, Killer T is just one of the few that have managed to turn a new page in their lives through it. Winky D, Ninja Lipsy, Souljah Love, Seh Calaz are just a few examples of some artists who managed to shine in the game.

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