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Download and listen to the brand new album from Mbare, Zimbabwe based Chillspot Recordz titled Unoripa Riddim.

Unoripa translate to ‘You shall pay‘ in english. The riddim features various up and coming artists in Zimdancehall, including one named Blot who came to stardom last year after dropping Ndiri Bad and Boom Beto of the Munodonhedza Musika fame both on the Stage Riddim produced by Chillspot and Levels.


  • Blot – Uchairipa 
  • Boom Beto – Jamba Ngoma
  • DK – Ndarangarira 
  • Fantan & Bobie – Sikujua 
  • Formulah – Unotaurisa 
  • Jah Signal – Wadzoka Zvakare
  •  Kabhidha – Nzira Dzatifamba 
  • Lindsay – Vanomira Newe Vangani
  • Master H – Pakati Pavo
  • Mostaff – Zviri Nani Unditaurire

Stream and download mp3 below:



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