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The new video by Winky D and Buffalo Souljah for Rugare is out, you can check it out below, but if you are the reserved kind I urge you to watch it at your own risk.
Seriously not trying to undermine a great deal of effort by our own artists, I think this is a great video and it shows the new direction our artists are taking to conquer not just Zimbabwe.
However, ladies and gentleman the question here is, ‘is it too much for ZBC?‘ If you have watched the video you would know why I am asking this, if you havent, let me describe it to you the way somebody did to me, ‘too much lingerie and skin!’
Now given the way Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is reserved, or generally how the population that watches it is considered reserved (its a national TV, so its expected I guess), are they going to air such a video. It has been playing on Trace Africa for almost two weeks now, but ZBC is yet to give us a taste as of now and I bet requests are already pouring in.
In the past we have seen programs like Coke on the Beat trying to play videos like Bicycle Ride remix by Vybz Kartel ft Bunji Garlin and cutting off scenes that have too much nudity, let us see how this one is going to play out, the ball is to you ZBC!

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  • Gary Nash Nyakudya
    Gary Nash Nyakudya


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