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Put that mouth holding emoji! Are Jamaican artists becoming more like local artists? I mean Turbulence, the Ghetto Yuts singer has just landed somewhat quietly into the country for a show!

Shocking right, if you haven’t been following Seh Calaz on social media, we are not surprised if you didn’t know.

Turbulence arrived yesterday for Seh Calaz’s birthday bash nicknamed Sadaka. The Jamaican superstar was also in the country this year back in April for a tour that only saw a few attendees and dubbed by some as ‘a flop‘. Which shocked some who had attended his then previous show in 2013.

In 2013 Turbulence who was hosted by Red Rose entertainment caused commotion in the streets of Mbare when he made a surprise visit. Although yesterday’s landing of the dancehall/reggae icon was nothing compared to that of 2013, a few fans showed up to welcome the star.

Mumota Murikubvira remix was a result of that 2013 tour after Turbulence praised Seh Calaz for his vocals. The two ended up remixing his then hit which was well received by the fans.

Seh Calaz’s birthday bash is happening tomorrow 14 October at the Netball Complex featuring a host of others dancehall stars like Killer T, Kinnah, Soul Jah Love, Freeman, Lady Squanda, Celcious, Silent Killer and more and tickets are going for $5 (with these many artists we wonder what Turbulence’s cut looks like).


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  • Lyon Kwenda
    Lyon Kwenda

    Quiet coz awuyira calaz wekumama

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