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Is it such a bad idea? Soul Jah Love for the state house? The dancehall chanter will indeed be standing among the greats ‘Pamamonya Ipapo.’

As Zimbabweans are heading to the polls sometime next year a new page has emerged titled ‘Soul Jah Love for President 2018.‘ Yeah when I saw it I was shocked too, wtf is Souljah Love actually vying for the biggest office in the land? Its one of those unthinkable ideas, but surprise surprise, somebody actually did thought of it.

I remember when we were heading towards the 2008 elections and Winky D was the darling of the music industry (surprise: he still is!), he had just dropped songs like Godo which had easily become anthems among the youth, then some people started suggesting that he run for office.

We must be in the same wave with Soul Jah Love here, still shining in the glory of his biggest song of the year, ‘Pamamonya Ipapo‘ some people seem to believe he should run for president. For a person who hasn’t been good at running his own brand seeing as he has been at loggerheads with promoters a lot, the idea of running the country should be terrifying, right?

Well, they say Zimbabwe is a democracy so nothing should stop the dancehall chanter if he chooses to follow the path, well nothing except his age! According to the Zimbabwean constitution (pdf) one should be at least forty years to be elected as president or vice president of the country. Goodbye dreams, Chibaba, born November 22 1989 is only 27!

Its also worth noting that the page already has some 400 likes, but it doesnt seem much political, so maybe its just an idea for fun! Please don’t play with that😁!

We have reached out to Soul Jah Love’s management and hope to update this piece, with their piece of information.

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