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Last year (2017) almost came to an end without the much anticipated Zimdancehall awards. Usually hosted annually by its founder Phineas Mushayi and company.

Just like the previous years fans hoped it would come in the first quarter, but when that didn’t happen questions started pouring in, ‘are we having any ceremony this year?’ A fake list came out which had people hyped but was later dismissed by the usual hosts of the event (Phineas and co.).

Then when the year was about to close, the Zimdancehall awards patron, Oscar Pambuka announced that he was rescuing the annual ceremony as his last act as the patron.

The event sure came to pass, but as reports show, it was marred with confusion and controversy! Most people we talked to found the award show controversial, some sighting the best promoter award which was given to Chipaz promotions, who last promoted a dancehall artist.. (kudhara). Others even complained of the lack of the red carpet glamour at the event and poor organization.

These could as well be labelled as some mishaps, which could have been caused by Oscar Pambuka and Co being first time hosts. However, the big question is, if artists are not really benefiting financially from these awards, why bother hosting such an event?

Answers from King And Queen of Zimdancehall?

We managed to get in touch with two of the biggest winners of the night, the King of Zimdancehall award winner, Soul Jah Love and the Queen of Zimdancehall award winner Queen Kadjah.

Both artists showed appreciation for the award even though they do not carry any financial benefit.

According to Soul Jah Love, whats important is the recognition of being King. “Tinotambira zviripo hatitarisire kupihwa zvihombe ipo pasina zviripo. Tinotenda vaPambuka nezvavakatipa chakakosha kuti vazive kuti ndini mambo weZimdancehall.

We receive what is there, we don’t look for much when there is little. We thank [Oscar] Pambuka for it, what important is that they know I am the King of Zimdancehall.

Soul Jah Love managed to mesmerize the Zimdancehall fraternity last year after dropping the chart topping single Pamamonya Ipapo, which became an anthem at many events countrywide. He was going against Kinnah, Winky D, Killer T and Seh Calaz.

Another big winner was the new rising star, Kadjah real name Tariro Kadandara who shot up after dropping Nda Believer featuring Shinsoman. She is also popular for her energetic live performances.

Kadjah was crowned Queen of Zimdancehall 2017 at the award ceremony held in Harare. “I am proud to be standing among giants who have walked this path before me and who have shown with their achievements that there’s no limit to what women can accomplish if they believe in themselves.”

“I would like to thank them for showing female artists that the glass ceiling has been broken.” She said.

So to answer our question, why bother?

A few local awards have a big financial benefit on the winner, even the ZIMA (Zimbabwe Music Awards) have been criticized a number of times for having no financial reward to the artists.

Even though we hope to see a better and much organized Zimdancehall awards next time, the recognition an artist receive might go a long way in making the genre and the artist better.

Here are the Zimdancehall awards 2017 winners:

1. King of Zimdancehall 2017- Soul Jah luv
2. Queen of Zimdancehall 2017- Kadja
3.Best graphic designer- Mugo Mix and Kello
4.Best zimdancehall video- Winky D and Buffalo Souljah- Hupenyu & Seh Calaz- Mangongongo.
5.Best Zimdancehall artist outside Harare- Legion and Markman.
6.Best Producer outside Harare- Rox and Gfreshy.
7.Best zimdancehall medley- T man mount zion.
8. Most disciplined- Hwindi President and Kinnah.
9.Best live performer male- Seh Calaz and Kinnah.
10.Best live performer female- Empress Massina.
11.Best promoter outside Zimbabwe Cheesebuoy Entettainment and Don Carlo Digital 1.
12.Best dance group- Ghetto clark zone
13.Best zimdancehall clan- HKD
14. Best riddim- Marlon T threat of the year and Unoripa Chillspot records.
15.Song of the year- Pamamonya ipapo Jah luv.
16.Best zimdancehall collaboration- Killer T and Ex Q- Nhema and Boom Betto and Jah Signal-Mairevei
17.Best album – Freeman Top striker.
18.Best club dj- Dj Cables.
19.Zimdancehall ambassador- Killer T
20.Best zimdancehall manager- Wadis.
21 Best zimdancehall promoter local- Chipaz.
22.Best zimdancehall reporter print- the late Brian Penny for the Newsday.
23. Best zimdancehall reporter electronic media – Skimbo ziso regondo.
24.Best Zimdancehall diaspora – Buffalo Souljah.
25.Best zimdancehall legends – Templeman, Etherton B, Merciless, Mad Minox
26.People’s choice- Winky D.
27.Best dressed female artist- Daruler.
28. Best dressed male artist- Seh Calaz
29.Best zimdancehall radio station- Zi fm, Powerfm and Starfm.
30.Young and upcoming male- Blot and Nutty O.
31.Young and upcoming female- Fya Lady.
32.Best video Producer- SAP and Skyrocket films.
33 Best male vocalist- Guspy Warrior
34. Best female vocalist- Lindsay.
35. Best zimdancehall producer- Solid records and Sunshine.
36.Best club song- mumastreets Silent Killer.
37. Best social message- Shungu- Empress massina.
38. Best zimdancehall emcee-Abisha Palmer.

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