01-I Octane – Money We Want
02- Jah Bless – Shanda Utenge Chako
03-Ras Caleb – Pane Chati Bhumu
04-Kinnah – Pandiri Suduruka
05- Soul Jah Luv – Dzimba Idzo Pazai
06-Celscious – Ndiri Nhini
07-Cici – Musarwadziwe
08-Dobba Don – Sell Out
09-Maggikal – Honai Swag
10- Hwindi President – Tavapahasha
11-Kabhidha – Patani Yekaiti
12-Genius – Havandifarire
13-Jah Hanief – Pa Top

Buju Banton will be getting out of prison a little earlier than
previously expected. U.S. authorities have reduced his prison sentence
by a mere two months.
While two months may not seems as much to us all, for Buju that is a
big deal because that is two months earlier that he will get to be with
his family.
Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, is currently serving a 10-year
sentence in the McRae correctional institution in Atlanta. He is
expected to be released in February 2019. With this new development he
could be out of prison as early as December 2018.
Last year Buju Banton reached an agreement with the US Attorney
Office in Florida where he waived all rights to future appeal in return
for them dropping a gun charge.
Banton was found guilty
on three counts of drug trafficking charges in 2011. He was arrested at
a warehouse in South Florida in December 2009 in a drug sting
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Ninja Man, Beenie Man and Gully Bop were the headlining acts on Sting
2015 stage show. The annual show was held at Jamworld in Portmore Sunday
Over the years Sting has been known for drama and Saturday night was
no different after cops pulled the plug at minutes after 6 AM with some
top acts left to perform including Beenie Man.
The promoters have not commented on the premature end, but sources
close to the show told Urban Islandz that cops cite security concerns
for their reason to shut down the event.
At minutes after 6 AM Sunday, patrons were seen streaming out of the
venue while complaining that they want a refund for their tickets.
Watch The Review Below:

Sting 2015 was advertised under the theme ‘From Now Till Then’, with artists from the 1980s and 90s making up a larger part of the lineup. There was also an advertised clash between Ninja Man, Gully Bop, and Merciless, but that did not happen.

Tiger (left) performes with Malvo and Johnny P


Pinchers in action at Sting 2015

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The dancehall chanter made dancehall fans believe that he had tattooed his eyeballs black but it doesn’t seem so in a new Instagram pic shown below:

 It looks like the eye tatooing was just a stance to get more attention, maybe it was just eye contacts he used. This is another move of the deejay as we await his new project ‘2016’ in which he promises to take over dancehall from worldboss Vybz Kartel.

Lady Saw has officially thrown in her dancehall towel and answers to god’s calling.
Saw, whose real name is Marion Hall, is now a devote Christian after
getting baptized right after attending J Capri’s funeral service on
Her reps told Urban Islandz that she has also cancelled all her upcoming dancehall concerts.
“We already contacted all the promoters for her upcoming shows
overseas and locally and instructed them about the new development,” her
rep said.
On Monday, Lady Saw posted a video on her Instagram page of herself getting baptized.
“I’m now washed of all my sins,” she wrote. “I’ve giving my life to God fully and is ready to walk with him and do his work.”
Mumma Saw says that god spoke to her while she was attending J Capri funeral and she answered his calling.
“God as just spoken to me,” the dancehall legend said. “He did so at J
Capri Service and finish it off in my house. I’m now a new servant of
the lord. All my dancehall shows will be cancel cause God as call me to
work for him now.glory be to the most high God.”
The dancehall icon also blast off a voice note following her baptizes.
Watch the video below.

A video posted by MARION HALL- LADY SAW (@ladysawdhqueen) on Dec 14, 2015 at 6:34pm PST

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