The most controversial Zimdancehall star who has been involved in a back and forth clash with other chanters like Maggikal has done a song which has received positive feedback from the zimdancehall fans. Some have taken to social media to encourage the chanter to continue doing songs like this.

The song titled Zvinoita Hupenyu is a dedication to Soul Jah Love another chanter in which he was once rival with. Produced by Tman of Mount Zion is an encouragement to Jah Luv to continue in life despite the challenges he is facing in life. After the local council demolished houses in Budiriro area, Soul Jah Love was also caught up in the wind and lost his house, wakagona wakavaka apartment, vakaidhiritsa ivo vegovernement Seh Calaz chants in his song.

Seh Calaz also talks about the hardship the face growing up without parents in the ghetto of Mbare and also addresses his health issues. Download the song here. Or listen below!