Soul Jah Love allegedly tried to use his influence to get intimate with Mildred Munyikwa, popularly known as Lindsay in Zimdancehall circles, but she refused, The Standard Style has heard.

This revelation surfaced months after Lindsay released a song titled Letter to Soul Jah Love, which has lyrics suggesting she is smitten with the Pamamonya Ipapo singer.

Lindsay said she met Soul Jah Love after several attempts he had made to meet her under the guise of doing business with her.

“When we met he thought I would be overwhelmed by his status and agree to whatever he wanted, but I made it clear to him that it was strictly business and I am serious about my work,” she said.

The 23-year-old singer posted a video on YouTube suggesting that Soul Jah Love along with other famous male dancehall chanters sexually exploit female singers who want collaborations.

“He took the song seriously and he wanted to see me, claiming that it was business but that was clearly not his intentions,” she said, adding that her morals were intact.

“I know what I am aiming for in my career and he thought I would give in. He can do it with other singers, not me. I am not loose to get a collabo because I know I am talented.”

On what inspired the 3 minutes 45 seconds “letter”, Lindsay said it was in solidarity with fellow artists and her choice to pen love lyrics was meant to bring comic relief but he completely misread it.

“The lyrics of the song are not what I really feel about him but I wrote the song to bring relief to him at a time when things seemed to be falling apart in his life,” Lindsay, who is currently working on her debut album to be released in August, said.

Last year Soul Jah Love suffered misfortunes, including an accident, potential leg amputation and a divorce from Bounty Lisa, which prompted a couple of musicians to write songs comforting him.

When contacted for comment yesterday, Soul Jah Love said he was unfazed by the allegations.

“I do not have much to say. Let her sing wherever she was, I am okay,” he said.


First appeared on The Standard

Soul Jah Love, ‘Chibaba’ has dropped a new singles collection titled ‘Chipoko Chemboko’.

Eeem, I know you are wondering whats with the title, we are too, but thats Makuruwani (his other aka) for you!

The singles collection was produced by Trojan Fyah Recordz and it has five songs, “Chibhawa bahawa”, “Chinongodiwa pahupenyu”, “Ndachema”, “Vanokushora” and “Chauya chipembere (Ngwenjere ngwenjere).”

Stream and download these below:



Hundreds of Souljah Love (known as Chibaba) fans waited patiently at Genesis Bar for the artist to come and perform only for the artist to not even come. He was scheduled to start at 12midnight, fans patiently waited until 02:00am only to be chased out of the venue by S.A.P.S.

Chibaba decided to check in at a local hotel while his fans including Cheesebouy Ent employees waited patiently for him at Genesis bar. Efforts to get hold of him were fruitless as his mobile went off. Eventually the promoter found him still relaxed at the hotel he then confronted and kicked him out of the hotel because he did not live up to the agreement between his management and CheesebouyEnt.

Tawanda Aldrin Mugauri (Owner of Cheesebouy Ent. who were hosting the event) known as Cheesebouy was very furious  he had this to say

“If these artists knw how hard we work everyday to make these shows successful,i think they must be cooperating wth promoters. I hv officially resigned from this Zimdancehall industry becoz of this mother fucken Soul Jah Love.

“11 September wl b the last day u see a Zimdancehall poster wth CheesebouyEnt logo.Anonzi Jah Love andipedza power zvekuti we ended up kicking him out of the hotel together wth his so called friends becoz he doesnt understand the pain that we go thru when planning these shows.
“Achandivengawo bcoz of Soul Jah Love i hate u too.I think the problem is i used to be soft wth these artist. Thank u Pretoria and all the pple who supported us from day 1 for the support that u gave us for the tym that we were working in this industry lets all meet on 11 September as it is going to b our last event in music industry.
“We r very sorry kune vaitifarirawo and kune vanga vakatimakawo its ur tym to talk more abt CheesebouyEnt.”