DANCEHALL star Soul Jah Love was on Thursday morning involved in car accident near Gweru on his way to Victoria Falls where he was set to perform on Saturday.

A Car Jah Luv was believed to be in!
A Car Jah Luv was believed to be in!

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A source within the Conquering Family said though the condition was not that bad, they were forced to cancel the performance which he was expected to share the stage with Kinna, Hwindi president and Dobba Don.

Jah Love’s handler Marshall Bimha, popularly known as Wadis, confirmed the accident but said he was not part of the travelling team.

“I talked to him and he is fine unlike what is being said on social media. People exaggerate things and it’s not good.

“I don’t have enough details concerning what really happened, but the accident occurred near Gweru and he was briefly admitted at Gweru (General) Hospital,” he said.

Changara, a confidante of the Hove Huru hit-maker told H-Metro that he is on his way to Gweru.

“Yes he was involved in an accident, we are now in Kadoma to get him back home. It’s sad that the show (Saturday) will possibly not go on.

“I will furnish you with more details when I get there, you can call me after an hour,” said Changara.

Source: Hmetro

Ghetto Vs Ghetto is the sting of the upcoming. Last hosted by Mama Red Rose in 2013 where we saw the Mbare crew, Kinnah, Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz walking away with the crown of the best Ghetto in Zimdancehall.

The second addition is coming and its even bigger as Mama Red Rose pointed out, this time its not only Harare but all Ghettos are welcome. Chanters from as far as Victoria Falls, Bindura, Kadoma, Kwekwe, Norton, Chegutu and Marondera have already made enquiries and some have already registered with the event organisers.

The clash will go down on 6 August at the Glamis Arena starting at 6 pm. Artists will be clashing for three titles, Best Ghetto where chanters are supposed to be throwing their best lines. The winner will walk away with $1000 prize plus a trophy and a recording contract. While the second and third runner ups will walk away with $500 plus recording contract and $250 plus recording contract respectively. They will be recording under the Red Rose label.

Another clash will be for the best clarkers in the Clarks Contest. Here groups which make it into the top three will share a package worth US$500 amongst themselves.

Producers are also expected to be clashing it out in the Riddim Contest for the best Riddim. Here the overall winner scoops uS$500 plus a trophy while the first and second finalist stands a chance to win US$250 and US$100 prize money respectively.

Soul Jah Love
Soul Jah Love, winners of the 2013 Ghetto VS Ghetto

Registration In Progress

“Registration for the series is well on course and interested artistes can [come], we are back after three years and we felt it was [our] responsibility to support the movement I started and registration is already underway at our offices.” said Mama Red Rose, the event promoter.

The registration is open to all “underground chanters” who need exposure. Forms for registration are available at Red Rose hair salons in Harare for a fee of $5 each.

The past winners Kinnah, Seh Calaz and Jah Luv are expected to grace the event.

Power Rasta is set to drop a new album in the coming weeks and we have an exclusive Insider look for you!

About The Power Rasta Album

The album titled Skiri Rechigandanga Vol 1 is a mix of dancehall and reggae songs done by the artist, the album is a show of maturity from Power Rasta who has been in the industry for some time.

Skiri Rechigandanga Vol 1 is filled with songs that every Zimbabwean can relate to. According to Power Rasta, the album was inspired by the late Reggae legendary Bob Marley and real life events. My personal favorite I Thought They Were My Friends talks about back stabbers with a reggae-conscious feel, according to the artist was inspired by real events.

They are also some songs to look out for on the album, Ndomiramira is a collaboration with Soul Jah Love, the two artist bring out their best as they talk about struggles ghetto youths face and being strong. Other collaborations on the album include Maffcat and more.

“The album will have over 2o songs with most of them already mastered and ready for the fans to hear!” Power Rasta told the Insider exclusively.

This is an album to look forward to, if you are a Zim-Reggae and Dancehall lover you should not miss this one, CHAKANYANYAAA!!

Watch out for the exclusive album drop here @ Zimdancehall Insider.


The most controversial Zimdancehall star who has been involved in a back and forth clash with other chanters like Maggikal has done a song which has received positive feedback from the zimdancehall fans. Some have taken to social media to encourage the chanter to continue doing songs like this.

The song titled Zvinoita Hupenyu is a dedication to Soul Jah Love another chanter in which he was once rival with. Produced by Tman of Mount Zion is an encouragement to Jah Luv to continue in life despite the challenges he is facing in life. After the local council demolished houses in Budiriro area, Soul Jah Love was also caught up in the wind and lost his house, wakagona wakavaka apartment, vakaidhiritsa ivo vegovernement Seh Calaz chants in his song.

Seh Calaz also talks about the hardship the face growing up without parents in the ghetto of Mbare and also addresses his health issues. Download the song here. Or listen below!